What Is Black Spot On Cats Eye

These spots may vary in size and depth and range in color from opaque to dark black. The condition is most common in cats with light-colored eyes and is. It is not uncommon to see middle-aged to older cats develop brown or black spots on the iris. Zoe has just one spot on one eye, but sometimes.

Corneal sequestrum occurs when a cat has dead corneal tissue (or dark spots in the cornea). It usually is caused by chronic corneal ulceration, trauma.

Have you ever noticed black or brown spots in the iris (colored portion) of an aging cat's eye or eyes? These blotches are a type of tumor caused by the.

When black spots start to mar the beauty of your cat's colorful irises, don't wait to Dark discoloration could be harmless, but it could also indicate serious eye problems. Melanosis afflicts many senior cats usually 12 to 14 years old, but most.

Also known as iris freckles, brown spots occur in the iris (the coloured part of the eye) and are quite common in cats. They are similar to moles.