Where To Catch Wahoo Fish

They are an extremely streamlined predator with razor sharp teeth that cut up their prey in a scissor-like fashion. Learning how to catch wahoo. Then take note of these five wahoo-catching tips. to cruise sub-surface, especially around flotsam and weedlines, and attack fish from below.

Catch Wahoo Anywhere 1. Fish an unweighted live bait feet behind the boat, off a flat line from the transom. 2. Drop another live bait

High-speed trolling is certainly an effective way to catch wahoo, but so is slow trolling dead bait or lures, trolling live bait, dropping jigs or trolling beneath floating. best places catch wahoo | Wahoo are found in tropical and subtropical The best time to fish these waters is between November and January. I have seen them free jump 20 feet in the air in Panama while chasing bait fish. It is hard to believe if you haven't seen it. When fishing for Wahoo you have to be.