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You might be a beginner to Puppet looking to test and play with Puppet code, or you might be an experienced Puppet user and modules author. Puppet Development Kit (PDK) provides tools to help you run unit tests on your module and validate your module's metadata, syntax, and default, the.

This tutorial covers Puppet code basics, and will show you how to If you want to learn more details, check out the PuppetLabs Module.

Display facts: facter # All system facts facter -p # All system and Puppet facts facter -y # YAML facter -j puppet-rspec: Testing Puppet modules with rspecs.

Puppet modules also use a test directory for test manifests. . The --noop performs a dry run of the configuration, which shows only the output but does not .

This course takes your Puppet skills from knowledge of basic manifests to writing professional-quality modules. You will learn to create modules, test with rspec, separate site-specific data from code with Hiera and Play course overview.

Designed for Puppet Module Development. Test complex snippets of code in real time without committing to a manifest or runnning the slow puppet apply. Type " commands" for a list of debugger commands or "help" to show the help screen. I wanted to test the module locally (to the master) without having to load my Unfortunately Puppet really wants to install modules from the Forge. .. Developers should play a role in ensuring that their enterprise's security. A Vagrant MultiOS environment to test Puppet code and modules Welcome to the Puppet Playground where you can play with Puppet and also do some.

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