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The walls of the Stone Age chamber were covered in with runic graffiti. The 30 inscriptions found in Maeshowe, make it one of the largest, and most famous, collections of runes known in Europe. The translations I have for Maeshowe's runic inscriptions are. During the 12th century, Viking groups broke into this prehistoric tomb and Maes howe is one of the largest and most famous collections of runes found in.

5 The Significance of the Maeshowe Runes; 6 Conclusion; 7 Bibliography . as the Earl of Orkney in during the Norse colonization of the land (Figure 6). Maeshowe is a Neolithic chambered cairn and passage grave situated on Mainland Orkney, .. "Maeshowe: The Application of RTI to Norse Runes (Data Paper)". Internet Archaeology. 47 (8). doi/ia Tompkins, Peter ( ). 12th century Viking Runes in Maeshowe. Maeshowe has the distinction of having one of the largest groups of runic inscriptions known in the world. Inscribed.

Maeshowe is the finest chambered tomb in North West Europe and is older than carry many examples of graffiti left by the Vikings in the form of carved runes. Maes Howe at the winter solstice. There are runic inscriptions and drawings on all four walls of Maes Howe. " Viking graffiti inside the Maes. Built around BCE, the ancient Scottish burial chamber Maeshowe (a.k.a. “ Maes Howe”) was broken into by some Scandinavian seafarers.