How It All Began Synopsis

How It All Began begins in uncharacteristically violent fashion: "The pavement rises up and hits her. Slams into her face, drives the lower rim of. How It All Began book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. When Charlotte is mugged and breaks her hip, her daughter Rose.

“Our life,” says Anton, an Eastern European immigrant to contemporary London in Penelope Lively's How It All Began, “is very much accident” (67 in the.

In Penelope Lively's “How It All Began” the mugging of an elderly woman sets off a chain of events that disrupts the dreams and ambitions of. Our Reading Guide for How It All Began by Penelope Lively includes Book Club Discussion Questions, Book Reviews, Plot Summary-Synopsis and Author Bio. “How It All Began,” her 20th book of adult fiction, opens with an act of In “How It All Began,” Charlotte's mugging is the stone cast into the placid . Review Kate Atkinson's dreamy detective returns, and his first case is a.