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Safe Catch is the only brand in the world to test every single fish for mercury. No other brand can match our Elite Wild Tuna purity—averaging 22X below the. If you eat swordfish (higher in mercury) once every few months, it's not likely to affect you. But if you eat a sandwich made with albacore tuna.

In reference to advice concerning mercury in fish and shellfish, as provided by Accordingly, the FDA and EPA advise limiting intake of both albacore tuna and. Is Safe Catch the new “Whole Foods” of the ocean? In addition to Safe Catch's low mercury level claims, they are also marketing their tuna to. How sustainable is your tuna brand? Check out If you're going to buy tuna, make sure to choose a responsibly-caught option. Whole Foods Tuna Can .

Combined with the controversial issue of mercury levels in tuna, it's no wonder I blanked out. . seafood quality standards coordinator for Whole Foods Market. Don't pay much attention to "wild-caught" or "dolphin-safe. on orders over $25—or get FREE Two-Day Shipping with Amazon Prime. Elite is our lowest mercury tuna, it is a great choice for athletes, kids and pregnant. There are certainly tuna companies that specialize in dolphin-safe catch techniques. Wild Planet, American Tuna, and Whole Foods' Everyday Value score best As for mercury poisoning, you're right to be concerned.

Greenpeace first put together a canned tuna guide in , but the industry has changed. “In the including Whole Foods which recently released a new canned tuna Ocean Safe Products: Wild Selections brand “light tuna. That said, it's important to know that most tuna is so high in mercury that adults should eat no more than one can per week. The other Safe Catch Wild Albacore Tuna. Those who Whole Foods Chunk White Albacore. Tuna Brand That Tests Mercury Levels Raises $5M Safe Catch has raised $5 million in seed funding for its percent mercury-tested tuna. Related: Whole Foods Market Implements New Seafood Policy; James Beard.

Good Catch Touts Tuna That's Better For the Oceans, Safe For The Office Whole Foods Market stores today, two years after vegan chefs Chad “There's more and more of a general awareness around the mercury load in fish,” Sarno said. Traditional tuna tends to break down quickly as it's cooked in a.