Hawkwind Lightshow

Who does the Hawkwind Stage light show now. I know it was Chaos Illumination for some time, is that still the case?? Whilst on the su. Electric Tepee is the seventeenth studio album by the English space rock group Hawkwind, The group undertook a 23 date UK tour in April and May to promote the album, appearing behind a curtain on which the lightshow was projected.

ments the lack of US Hawkwind shows during the s and goes on to of some the venues allowed for only moderate use of Hawkwind's light-show, in halls.

he shouted, as Hawkwind ended “Spirit of the Age”. with an old fashioned liquid light show, like they used to have in the underground days.

Len is head of the lighting team for Hawkwind. the point where they're probably the definitive British lightshow, employing over a ton of equipment humped by.

It's Hawkwind, b'gads, and Harry Sword is talking to Captain Dave Brock [ LAUGHS] We had this amazing light show but you'd look down at.

Sometimes Dave would arrive without the full Hawkwind line-up. Let's just go to free festivals, get ourselves a little light-show with a projector, and go out and.