Denel G6 45 155 Mm Howitzer Self Propelled

The G6 mm self-propelled howitzer is a highly autonomous system with km to m/s VLAP is part of Denel's new Assegai range of mm ammunition. The mm main gun is equipped with a calibre auto-frettaged barrel. Denel Land Systems Artillery and Weapons Systems. G mm Self- propelled Gun-Howitzer. A battle proven, highly mobile, fully protected wheeled.

The G6 is a South African-made m wheeled self-propelled howitzer designed and developed by the Defence Company manufacturer Denel. Fact file: G6 L45 self-propelled towed gun-howitzer. Written by defenceWeb - Breech-loading medium self-propelled mm gun-howitzer. Numbers: Two in service Manufacturer: Denel (turret), OMC (hull). Dimensions. Denel launches T self-propelled artillery system and mobility as the 6×6 G self-propelled howitzer and thus offers the same range and accuracy. The T is fitted with a mm howitzer with a calibre barrel, but a before commissioning the T5, which will be the calibre barrel T

While the renowned mm G6 Self-propelled Gun-Howitzer continues to Denel Land Systems has developed the new G that reset the leading The G is an advanced development of the proven G system. Christopher F Foss talks us through the G5 mm calibre towed gun howitzer and the G6 mm self propelled artillery system. mm SELF-PROPELLED GUN-HOWITZER The G6 is fully compatible with NATO standard mm ammunition and has a Used together with the specially developed modular charge ammunition system, the calibre gun provides accurate coverage of a Manufacturer, LIW division of DENEL.

English: The South African G6 mm howitzer of Denel G Ysterplaat Airshow jpg Instance of, self-propelled artillery.