999 How To Get Different Endings For Dead

All six endings completed on In the iOS version of the game, a new ending (syringe) was added, creating a total of seven endings. . Ace asks how he could have killed Guy X, saying he could do it on his own, but Junpei says he could. There are 6 total endings to , 3 Standard and 3 Special. All 3 of the Standard endings are pretty easy to find, but the Special ones are a bit.

has 3 Standard Endings, which is to say, 3 endings that can be achieved without much real effort. These are the "Default" endings, so to.

28 Jun - 67 min - Uploaded by noventium This is finally over and it's all recorded on my channel. I really tried to get to the true.

Hi, and welcome to the spoiler-free guide for 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors! Now, has six different endings; however, there is actually an ideal . I thought all the death endings were really lame too but intentionally.

I already knew that the game had multiple endings so I expected bad things I played blind, but I knew that would have a lot of death and.

So I just finished 's "True Ending" and I have a few things to say about it, First I gotta say I enjoyed the game, all six times I played through it. . So he pretended to dead on the stairs when he heard Junpei, Lotus, and.